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Can I have my shipment held somewhere for pickup?Updated a year ago

Yes! Orders shipped via FedEx can be held at a FedEx Office or participating store (Walgreens, Duane Reade, etc) at no charge to you. You'll be able to make these arrangements once your shipment is in transit by following these steps:

- Open your FedEx tracking listed in your shipping confirmation
- Locate the "Manage Delivery" option
- Choose "Hold at location" and you'll be prompted through the rest!
- Keep an eye on your tracking to see when your shipment is delivered, and remember to bring a photo I.D. and pick up the shipment within 5 business days!

If you don't see the manage delivery option right away, it could be that your shipment isn't in transit yet and you'll want to check back in a few hours. If you have any trouble making this arrangement, or if your order shipped via UPS please email [email protected] or chat with us during business hours.

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